Kim Kardashian The Super Business Woman!


Let us not introduce Kim Kardashian we all know her

She is actually known to be one of the only reality show actors that made it to be the most famous of all by spreading her celebrity picture nudity and sex tapes made with other well known rapper man and for that reason she has risen to fame. Question is why did Kim get so famous? Well the answer is very simple folks that is because she had a home made sex tape with Kenny West and everyone knew her name after that.

Kim Kardashian and Family Photo

Kim Kardashian Breaks Headlines All The Time

Back in the early 2000’s is when she had that sex-tape leaked and all the online tube sites where crashing because everyone wanted to know who this Kim Kardashian is. She is still popular and famous just like any other big celebrity scandals with their nudes being released all over the world, but when ever she does something it is talked about for a month even on CNN.


Further a do Kim Kardashian is very smart business woman, she showed the world she can get married and then divorce two weeks later and make 7 million dollars out of it all because all the media coverage and her online store plus brick and mortar store hit sales in the sky’s that time. Ever since then her entire family got famous and super rich with successful businesses.