206 Fight Ronda Rousey Comeback

Ronda Rousey will be back again!

Hi there everyone so after getting it handed to her Ronda Rousey decided to come back into MMA and do the fighting scene again. She just recently announced on Jimmy Falon show, how ever which went sour because someone from the studios Photoshopped her arms to be more thinner. Which of course caused an outrage by Ronda because she always supports how natural beauty is what she stands for, and being a very muscular girl since doing sports all her life she feels that was not the right thing to do by the studio. At least Rousey does not has to worry about leaked celebrity nudes since she done plenty of magazine shoots where she bares it all.

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So to sum it all up for you guys, Ronda Rousey is coming back to the fight scene this year in 2016 and we are sure to see some good fights again from her. Also worth mentioning is her new Sports Illustrated body pain photo shoot she just did got her fame back again.